Past simple, past continuous, used to

  • english

I got to the post office just before it closed and sent the letter.
We invited Stephanie to the part, but she didn’t come.
Jack lost his job because he had made too many mistakes.
Everybody knew that it was Bill’s fault, but nobody said anything.
Karen took the keys from the kitchen table and ran out the door.
I was bored, so Mum gave me some money to go shopping.
Do you remember the time we went to India on holiday.
It started raining, but luckily, I had an umbrella in my bag.

I don’t need a football because I bought in yesterday.
I know a lot about Paris because I was there 2 years ago.
I don’t need to worry about my homework because I did it last night.
I haven’t got a PlayStation any more because I sold it in June.
Mum is angry with me because I broke the window a week ago.

Ted was playing his guitar at half past seven.
At midnight, I was sleeping, but jane was listening to music.
Luke was standing outside the bank when suddenly two robbers ran past him.
I know Doug was working late at the office because I saw him when I was leaving.
Were you having a shower when the earthquake happened.
Penny was running to catch the bus when she slipped and fell.
When you saw Eugene was he going home?
At midnight? Erm we were watching a DVD, I think.

  1. went
  2. decided
  3. was having
  4. was raining
  5. were arguing
  6. called
  7. were eating
  8. was making
  9. was dreaming about my favourite band when the alarm clock went off.
  10. was practicing
  1. woke
  2. was shining
  3. were singing
  4. was
  5. went
  6. was having
  7. said
  8. continued
  9. put
  10. opened
  11. was getting
  12. rang
  13. answered
  14. was practicing
  1. used to
  2. Did there use to be
  3. used to
  4. didn’t use to
  5. Did use to
  6. didnt use to