• English

1.Make the following words plural.
1. These doors             5. those boys
2. These apples           6. those girls
3. These books            7. those mans
4. These pens              8. those child’s

2.Make the following words singular.
1. this window                       5. that flower
2. this dog                              6. that desk
3. this cat                               7. that table
4. this door                            8. that chair.

3.Fill in the blanks with this or these.
1. I like this flower.                                 7. Jimmy plays with this dog.
2. I like these flowers.                                  8. We don’t see these pictures well.
3. He reads this book.                               9. Mary likes this dress.
4. He reads these books.                             10. He writes these exercises.
5. Do you like this shoes?                        11. She puts these plates on the table.
6. I don’t want to eat these apples.            12. They like to play with these toys.

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