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Everybody in River Street is very busy today. Mrs. Anderson is in
the kitchen. She is cleaning her kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are
in the living-room. They are painting the walls. Mr. Black is in the
bedroom. He is doing his morning exercises. Tommy is in his room.
He is feeding his dog. Mr. and Mrs. Lane are in the garden. They are
washing their car.
I am busy, too. I’m in my sitting-room. I’m washing my windows.
I’m also looking at my neighbours. It’s a very busy day for all my

  1. Mrs. Anderson is in her kitchen. true
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are washing their car. false
  3. Mrs. Black is feeding her dog. false
  4. Tommy is eating. false
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Lane are painting their kitchen. false
  6. I’m washing my windows. true

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