Koryun. Hello!
Aren. Hello!
Koryun. Do you like your school?
Aren.  Yes, I like my school very much.
Koryun. Do you have Armenian, Russian and Maths on Mondays?
Aren. No, I don’t.
Aren. I have Maths and English on Mondays.
Koryun. Do you eat your lunch at school?
Aren. Yes, I do.
KoryunWhat do you usually have for lunch?
Aren. I have soup and tea.
Aren. And what do you have for lunch?
Koryun. I have fish and cheese and bread.
Koryun.  When do you go home?
Aren.  I go home at ten o’clock.

koryun. Goodbye.

Aren. Goodbye.

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