• english

What is Rob trying to do?

Rob is trying to meet all of his facebook friends.

How many friends does he met so far?

He already met around 700 friends.

Why does he take a photo everyone he meets?

He take photo to post it in facebook.

Why does Rob believe that the internet is a good way of making friends?

Because he meet his girlfriend at facebook, and now they 3 years together.

Which countries does he visited?

He already visited, England, Scotland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Finland

  • get on (well) (with someone) — P
  • meet up (with someone) — P
  • have a lot in common (with someone) — P
  • fall out (with someone) — N
  • help (someone) out — P
  • trust (someone) — P
  • get/keep in touch (with someone) — P
  • make friends (with someone) — P
  • have an argument (with someone) — N

1 I often meet up with groups of friends in the evening.

2 You don’t need to have a lot in common with someone to be friends. It’s fine to have different interests.

3 I like most people I know. There aren’t many people I don’t like.

4 A really good friend is someone you can call at midnight and ask them to help you out.

5 The friends you make at school are often friends for life.

6 I’m always pleased when someone I haven’t heard from in ages gets in touch.

7 I’m quite easy-going. I rarely argue with my friends.

8 I’m not speaking to my sister at the moment — we’ve fallen out. It seems a bit childish.

9 I can tell my closest friend all my secrets.