• english
  1. double chin, going bald, large forehead, overweight, round face
  2. blonde, middle age, fringe
  3. moustache, large jaw, shoulder-length, stubble
  4. curly, twenties, long eyelashes, well-built
  5. clean shaven, in good shape, slim, spiky, thick eyebrows
  6. dyed, elderly, grey,

Age – middle age, twenties, elderly
Build – slim, overweight, in good shape, well-built, shoulder-length
Facial features – double chin, large forehead round face, moustache, large jaw, long eyelashes, clean shaven, thick eyebrows

Hair- going bald, blonde, dyed, stubble, spiky, curly, grey

  1. 1
  2. 3
  3. 2

kind eyes, square jaw, over twenties, big nose, shoulder length hair, late thirties

I think that each person has its own point of view.

  1. In my opinion it depends on self-confidence of each woman, if she is self confident she believes and is sure that she is very nice.
  2. To my mind the Armenian men are not self-critical. They don’t keen on their appearance.
  3. Yes, it depends on age. People become more self-confident , as they get older.
  1. attractive- less attractive, self-confident – less self-confident,
  2. Many women thought they were more attractive than they actually were
  3. This woman is a bit taller than that woman. Ann is a little ugly. This man is much happier now than he was before. Ann is very nice.
  4. My mother is as tall as my father, I am not as slim as my sister.
  5. Suzy is the most attractive woman that I have ever known. Peter is the worst person I have ever known.
  1. a lot more closed off , fatter sadder.
  2. much friendlier, happier.
  3. less beautiful, far more beautiful.
  1. a lot , very much, much, far
  2. a bit, a little
  1. more
  2. as insecure as
  3. as supportive
  4. more valuable, than
  5. biggest
  6. the best