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Food is basic human need to stay alive. Moreover it is the need of every living organism. Our world consists of different types of cultures. This cultures have varieties of dishes or food in them. All the dishes have different tastes furthermore our nature provides us a variety of food. From fruit to vegetables, from Dairy food to seafood different countries have their own specialty of dishes. I like Italian, Chinese, French, Georgian Cuisine. There are many different many different many restaurants in Yerevan. We are often served different dishes in these restaurants but best of all I like our Armenian cuisine. First of all we should eat healthy food. Healthy foods are foods that fill up our stomach and provides us with energy. Vegetables are very healthy foods for our bodies. It also keeps our bodies disease-free, has vitamins and minerals. We should avoid junk food. Eating unhealthy food can makes us fall sick. If we eat healthy, we can live a long and happy life.