Our school

I am a schoolboy, I lives in Yerevan and goes
to school there. I study in Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex.
In Armenian the school year begins in September,
They usually begin their school year on the first
Monday of September. Koryun’s school is not very big. There are twenty
classrooms and a big hall in it. Koryun has classes five days a week. Classes
begin at 9 o’clock. He usually has 5 or 6 lessons
every day. He studies English, Maths, History,
Nature Studies, Art and Music. At
12.40 he has lunch. For lunch he usually has meat
pudding. His classes are over
at 2:20 o’clock and then he goes home. Sometimes
after classes he stays at school to play football in
the school yard. Koryun says he likes his school very
much and is always happy when Monday comes.

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